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When you need a professional piano refinishing service in Long Beach, CA, I am the expert tuner who will ensure your satisfaction. I also offer piano appraisal, tuning, re-stringing, and white key top replacement services. Read the reviews of the piano owners I have worked with or give me yours on my Google Business Page!review-us

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Piano Tuning Bargain 42 Years Experience
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 11 reviews
by Julius Cotta on Piano Tuning Bargain 42 Years Experience

My daughter was devastated when she thought her piano was broken forever. I assured her I would find someone who could fix it for her. I needed to find someone who could help me out, and when I spoke to her piano teacher, she told me about this guy and his piano repair service. I scheduled him to come and take a look at it, and he promised me that he was able to get it repaired in no time. He needed to order a few things, but to my daughter's delight, it is now in full working order, and I have one happy girl back to doing what she loves to do! So I want to thank this guy for all he did for us!

by James Clark on Piano Tuning Bargain 42 Years Experience

When I moved into my house, I found an old piano in one of the rooms. My aunt said it would be a beautiful piece once it was refinished. I had my doubts but thought if anything else, I could sell it if I didn't want it. I found this guy online, and from what I read, he had plenty of experience in piano refinishing. So I organized for it to be shipped out to him. When he received it at his end, he explained what type of piano it was, and what he could do to bring it back to life. By this time, I was excited to see the finished results. Approximately 3-months later, it is sitting in its original spot and is the diamond in the rough, and any thoughts I had of selling it has gone along the wayside. I love it, and I hate to say this, but my aunt was right!And it's all thanks to this guy!

by Kathy B. Morin on Piano Tuning Bargain 42 Years Experience
A Trusty Professional!

I play the classical piano, and this piano tuner knows the importance of a finely tuned piano. I never use anyone else when I need work or tuning done. He is very professional at his job, and is the expert everyone can trust! I know I will never use anyone else.

by M. Berry on Piano Tuning Bargain 42 Years Experience
The Expert of All Experts!

Our theater school has a really old piano, and some of the students wanted it repaired so they could use it from time to time. I understand that some of the greats have played on it. I looked this guy up and saw how much experience he had, so I called to book a piano tuning service and explained that the instrument was getting on in years, he said it wasn't a problem, and he could do a proper assessment of it when he arrived. Following the tuning service, he said the piano was in good shape for its age, it needs a few minor repairs, but nothing serious, and when we are ready, he can handle them for us too!

by B. Carter on Piano Tuning Bargain 42 Years Experience
Pitch Perfect!

As a music teacher, my piano has to be tuned regularly. I know I can always depend on this guy to come and do the piano tuning for me when I need him to. We go way back as friends who went to the same college, and its always good to see him from time to time! I know he is a very busy man, and his services are in high demand. So if you need anything piano related, this is your guy!

by Rodrick P. Jone on Piano Tuning Bargain 42 Years Experience
Thank You

Thank you for helping us out with the piano tuning. We have a piano, like every respectable American family and that's something that gives people the impression that we are musicians. Truth is, none of us can really play well and we need help like yours. You did well the tuning, which is why we would like to give you five stars.

by June B. Delatorre on Piano Tuning Bargain 42 Years Experience
Excellent Tuning

I have a piano and I must say that while I don't have classical training, that instrument is more than just an ornament in my house. I play from time to time and despite being no Alicia Keys, I need piano tuning service - something that you did for me the last time and I'm pleased to hear the piano's sound. Kudos!

by Joseph J. Zambrana on Piano Tuning Bargain 42 Years Experience
The Help That I Needed

The fact that I don't know anything about tuning says that I'm not the best piano player in town. However, I regard myself as a keen piano player who knows some catchy tunes. And here is where a piano tuner is needed. You showed me what's what and I'm really grateful for that. I will recommend your services.

by Sue R. Silva on Piano Tuning Bargain 42 Years Experience
Amazing Assistance

I know you as a piano tuner but now I realize that you are also good at piano refinishing. You are definitely versatile when it comes to delicate instruments and I like your approach. The piano looks amazing and it also sounds lovely. I'm so happy that I can rely on you. Thank you very much and keep up the good work!

by Walter L. Nelson on Piano Tuning Bargain 42 Years Experience

The piano repair service that you did for me was perfect. I'm pleased to see a specialist who knows everything about the instrument and can tune or repair a piano without wasting his or other people's time. Other than that, you also gave me advice and I thank you for that too.

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