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Piano Perfectionist: Jeff Murphy

Serving Los Angeles and Orange County Since 1972

If you have a piano and you want to maintain this wonderful instrument properly, you will need the skills of a piano tuning expert. If you notice a distortion in the pristine tones you are used to hearing from your piano, this is a sure sign that you need to turn to a specialist. I run Piano Tuning Bargain 42 Years Experience with the goal to provide piano owners with professional appraisal and precise tuning services. Located in Long Beach, CA, I can ensure your piano always has a perfect pitch.

My Services

  • Piano Tuning
  • Piano Appraisals
  • Piano Refinishing
  • New White Key Tops
  • Re-stringing

I have my own piano shop where I offer professional piano refinishing, tuning, and appraisal services. From fine-tuning and re-keying to precise and complete tuning, I do it all. I also offer general maintenance and inspection solutions for all types of pianos. With me, you can get keybed felt replacement, keyboard refurbishing, voicing, hammer shaping, and soundboard cleaning services. Ensuring your satisfaction is my priority. Learn more about my services!

What Do I Do?

As a professional piano tuner, I perform complete piano restorations and tune pianos for private residents, recording studios, civic centers, concerts, and theatres. I am known for my friendly consultations and accurate appraisals, and I work with different types of pianos. Whatever the condition of yours may be, I will offer you viable solutions. Count on me to bring you back the joy of playing the instrument you like.

The Benefits of Hiring Me

I have dedicated my career to my passion for music and pianos, which is why I founded Piano Tuning Bargain 42 Years Experience in 2016. I have worked with celebrities and famous establishments and know how to fix different types of pianos. With my piano tuning service, you will also get a free pedal adjustment.

Piano Tuning Bargain 42 Years Experience
Long Beach, CA 90805
Phone: (562) 249-5429

I Serve the Surrounding Areas!

As a reputable local specialist, I also serve:

  • Compton, CA
  • Paramount, CA
  • Lynwood, CA
  • Gardena, CA
  • Bellflower, CA

If you are located in Long Beach, CA and you need a professional piano repair and tuning service, give me a call. With my assistance, your fingers will easily find their way on the keys, as you listen to the pristine tones and feel the natural progression of every melody you make. Call me to get additional information!

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